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Ok so I tried to hook up my tv to my laptop which I have done in the past but now when i go into display settings it doesn't have a opition under display for two monitors it doesn't have a pull down it just says (default monitor) on and i can't select another please help soon....
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  1. How are/were you connecting the two ? Is it possable you hav edamaged the connector at either end ?

  2. no it was working on my other computer.... its a vga cable...
  3. You should see an option to "detect". This will hopefully find the monitor which will then allow you to configure it.
  4. where would the option to "detect" be because i dont see it
  5. What version of OS are you using?
  6. What type of GPU do you have- ATI or Nvidia? There should be a detect displays option in the driver suite for either one, but I could tell you better where to look if I knew which driver you had.
  7. not sure dude im not really computer savy but i know i have an Acer Aspire 5600 with and intel centrino duo whatever that means running windows xp
  8. To see what graphics card you have:
    Right click My Computer
    Click Manage
    Select Device Manager in the left side of the window.
    Expand Display Adapters (double click on name or click + to the left of it)
    Below Display Adapters it will list your graphics card
  9. Looks like its the Intel GMA. I'd make sure you download the latest driver, and look through their driver suite to see if you can find a "detect displays" option and run that when you have the TV connected and ON.
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