Ati 3870 display problems

I have a dell XPS 420 with a ati hd 3870 video card and the display image is all black with little red checkers. I cannot see anything to make any changes.
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  1. That sounds like a problem. How long have you been using the 3870? What happened in the time before it started having this problem?
  2. I have had this PC for over a year and no problems. Recently it started doing this and I could reboot and it might or might not start and be fine for a while.
  3. sounds to me like either your GPU has failed, or your PSU is failing and not powering it sufficiently. do you have another PC to try your GPU in to see if it works? If you can do that, and works, the PSU is likely to be a problem, however, if you can do that and the GPU DOESN't work, then you're in need of a new GPU.
  4. Unfortunately all my Desktops are too old to test that GPU. Any other ways to test my GPU?

    PSU = ??
  5. Well, if you have a friend with a PC you can try it in would do it. Another thing to try is if you have another GPU, try it in your current PC. Whatever the case, the GPU is my first guess for whats wrong.

    PSU = Power supply.
  6. Ok found out it was the GPU and now i need to buy a new one to replace it. What is the best upgrade based on price and performance.
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