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Hello all,
Looking for a new rig and currently unhappy with Nvidia pricing and the fact that I want dx11 support. ANyways my question is : Does having 2 cards CF help with anything besides games?
Reason I ask this is because I'm considering either 2x5770 or a single 5850 and wonder what I'll loose with 1 vs 2 cards. If I go with 5850 would that be better for anything but games or no difference if I go with 2 GPUs. I use CS4 (nef raw/heavy layers),some video editing, and all the regular stuff people do web/music /video (HD). If I get the 5850 I most likely will never buy a 2nd gpu as I though I would with my current pc. 24" 1920x1200. As well I'm looking to get a Panasonic HD camcorder to work with so also wondering if CF helps there..?
Thank you for your time.
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  1. Really, outside of gaming frame rates, you'll probably not really get much more out of crossfire. For straight gaming, the 5770's in Xfire will be a little faster, but not by a ton. The 5850 is probably the better buy for you if you want power, but not only for Gaming. at 1920x1200, the 5850 should be enough for what you want to do.
  2. Yes i agree the single card is usually the better option.

  3. If you've got more than one video card, it increases the maximum number of monitors you can hook up, that's the only non gaming benefit I can think of. lol
  4. Its always advisable to go for a higher level gpu rather than xfire 2 lower level cards.
  5. The best 5770's are the MSI Hawk, visually awesome looking, IMO, they use the twin freezor fans/hs.
    Right now at newegg they are 160.00 after 15.00 rebate, free ship.
    The twin freezor msi 5850 is 329.00
    The twin freezor msi 5870 is about 440.00 nis.
    Heres a fellow that did a in depth review of a single and crossfire 5770 hawk, good read.
    This is a compelling review for the crossfire setup.
  6. thank you all for the replies. I appreciate your time. So my thought is if games are where I see the benefit then CF 5770 should be a better deal since it beats the 5850 and out of games I wont see a difference since CS4 wont give me a I right..?
  7. photog10 said:
    thank you all for the replies. I appreciate your time. So my thought is if games are where I see the benefit then CF 5770 should be a better deal since it beats the 5850 and out of games I wont see a difference since CS4 wont give me a I right..?

    Yes, but the best case scenario for crossfire is that review I posted. 1 card vs 2, say the 5850. Will give you 80% of the performance of that crossfire setup. One card vs 2 is easier to troubleshoot a problem, builds less heat. The top card in some dual card setups will run
    12c higher or more. Some games especially newer ones, might not have a crossfire config right away. The landscape for that is getting better all the time. Do you have a motherboard setup for a efficient crossfire setup ? Thats another thing to consider.
  8. Looking to get :
    i7 950/ TRUE
    Asus P6x58d
    Crucial M225 128GB
    4gb ram whatever..
    still looking for a proper more antec for me..
    BenQ 24"
  9. Are you looking for best gaming performance? If you are wanting straight up best gaming performance, then the 5770's are going to be a little faster, though you may have to wade through some Xfire issues and things like that. A 5850 will be a little slower, but will be easier to setup, less heat, less noise, etc. Honestly, for a 24" monitor, you probably won't be able to see the difference in performance, unless you add more screens for eyefinity or get a higher resolution monitor. I have 2x5750 and I'm happy with it, but if I was spending the money, I probably would have gotten a single 5850.
  10. Thank you for your time and opinions. I know if I get 1 card I will never get another later one as the technology advances so much by the time I decide to get one it's time for a new PC. I upgrade every 2 years.
    My current single 9800GTX card in terms of price hasn't gone so much in 2.5 years..only about $40 from when I bought mine, and it's time to get a new pc already..So yes, I want to be able to play games at 1920x1200 maxed evrything. How do CF cards help with video editing? I'm not worried about heat issues. My antec case has replaced fans to the Scythe 1900RPM's so yeah it sounds like a hovercraft. It actually helps me fall asleep..HA!

    As far as cases go. I have looked at CM/antec Lian Li/mountain mods/Thermaltake and what else I could look into. I'm considering MM but I might go with a Lian li case at the end. The Corsair Obsidian would be perfect in terms of looks but has no fans in front to push in air from front to back..what were they thinking!?..I dont know. I guess it's made for WC...
  11. I will keep the current pc I have for physx games. Batman AA has a lot added detailing to the game with Physx. It really adds to the whole feel of the a more creepy eerie feel/atmosphere to it..Just IMO some junk algorithms to the fighting challenges..
  12. You could always get the 5850 and then drop your 9800GTX in there as a PhysX card and get the modded drivers that allow you to run it as a PhysX card and then you wouldn't have to worry about keeping your old PC running, and you could get better performance out of your PhysX games as well.
  13. I currently have Q6600 and was looking to get the i7 and the Motherboard that has USB3 and sata 6gbs. I'm considering adding the Micron SSD. 2010 is going to fun..cant wait for the new iphone or HTC supersonic phone to come out as well..
  14. lol- that will be nice. Tech keeps on amazing me:-)
  15. I'd get a 5850 for now it's actually plenty for most games at the moment, you can always crossfire later on. You'll need triple channel memory on X58 either 3GB or 6GB, go for 6GB 1600MHz (PC3-12800). USB3 and Sata 6Gbps boards are a little too expensive and you won't see any returns on that investment for a while yet. Get a good mid range board with 1 or 2 PCI-e slots above the primary PCI-e 16x and add an expansion card later, it'll work out cheaper in the long run.
  16. The OP already said if he doesn't get 2 cards now, he'll probably never crossfire as it would be too far into new tech at the time and he'd probably just upgrade.
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