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Hello, I just bought a Thinkpad X201i with i3-330M (2.13 ghz) processor, Win 7 home premium 32 bit. The WEI for processor is 3.3. is that normal? Could I change setting in Win 7 to speed up the processor?
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  1. Ignore WEI, very poor implementation of system benchmarking.

    On a personal thought, why do companies still insist on selling W7 x86 with a system using a x64 processor, W7 is mature enough to have drivers for most things, especially a business machine.
  2. +1, x64 is the future, and they are holding us back
  3. That is fairly low for WEI, my Pentium Dual Core E6700 is scored at 6.9!!

    Is the Laptop slow or quick at things like booting up, opening programs etc?
  4. I have a toshiba u505, intel core i3 M330, running on windows 7 home premium as well and I'm having the same experience. I had my laptop restored to default out of the box settings and WEI is showing 3.5 for processor in which I believe before had my WEI at 4.9 with graphics showing lowest subscore. Would this indicate that there is something wrong with my processor?
  5. try re-running WEI with the ac adapter/charger plugged in.
  6. +1^
    While WEI is NOT a good benchmark program, it is still very good at pointing out a problem. ie. if you put a SSD in and your wei is 6.5 and everyone else is getting 7.5 -> 7.8, you know you have a problem with your installation.

    The wei of 3.3 is low. I have a OLD toshibia core daul @ 1.8 GHz and have a WEI of 4.4 What I would do is download/install/and run cpuid CPU-Z. See what speed the proc is running at, as most laptops will run the proc at a reduced Freq untill the CPU utilazation hits a given point. If CPU-Z is low, run you WEI again and see if CPU freq increases - it should.

    You can also go into control panel, power options and change it to performance (probable set for best battery life).

    On the 32bit vs 64 bit comment.
    (1) business computers tend to stick to older, proveven tech.
    (2) There is no real benifit to 64 bit with less than 4 gigs ram, and very little diff @ 4 gigs Ram. 64 bit currently only shines when going above 4 gigs ram - Very few programs are written for64 bit and for thoes that are most users will see little benifit unless it is with database/camcad/video editing. For usoft office/internet/email there is almost no advantage.
    I use 64 Bit on my home machines, BUT for my two Laptops both w/4 Gigs Ram, which I use at work, I have opted to stay with 32 bit - There are still some compatability issues!!
  7. even my pentium 4 scored 4+. there is something wrong there
  8. @ malmental
    A background task may have been running on the SSD such as a viris scan, or windows may have been downloading a update. Or may be inbetween a Trim cmd/garbage collection action.

    I assume that is on your amd w/vertex 2
    Also verify that you are still using msachi and have not reverted to IDE mode.
  9. explained - HDD is pretty much limited to 5.9 max
  10. Comment on WEI and proc speed.
    i5-750 @ 3.2, I got a 7.4
    Finally got around to jumping speed up (I'm lazy), but needed to do it to answer a question on temps (my temps were 62 C after 1 hour prime 95)

    @ 3.6 it jumped a wooping 0.1 -> 7.5
    @ 3.8 it was still @ 7.5

    I'm guessing the WEI curve is more logarithmic.
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