How to set up 5.1 surround sound on pc

Hi all,

I am looking to replace my sound setup for my home pc. I want a 5.1 surround sound system and am seriously considering the Logitech Z5500.
Would I need to get a 5.1 sound card? Can anyone recommend any? or recommend a cheaper alternative to the logitech?

Currently I have an Asus p7p55d LE mainboard. Would that be able to play 5.1?
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  1. Your mobo p7p55d LE already has the onboard 7.1 sound card.
    You won't have any trouble connecting the 5.1 speakers to it.
  2. Whoohoo!! I get to save some cash. Thanks.

    My next problem is finding a decent system. I was thinking of the logitech z5500 but the price seems a bit high and people say it's a bit big. Mainly i'll be using it for gaming and I dont need top of the range sound but I dont want to end up wasting money on cheap stuff. (again)

    The Logitech X-540 seems a cheaper alternative and was thinking of getting that instead.

    Does anyone have any experience with these or offer alternative suggestions?
  3. Hmmm....the thing about getting cheaper product, you will get also a cheaper quality...
    X-540 is not as good as Z5500 but I can live with the quality of the X540 because X540 is in the fact a lot cheaper, but I don't know about you...
    Some people wants the best sound quality the can get...some (like me) just want something decent...
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