PC randomly dies, but stays on - no signal on monitor

Hi, i have had my computer for a fair amount of time now, say a year, i recently moved to cyprus and i have been here for 3 months. Over the last few days, my computer has been randomly turning off while im doing something, seems to happen quicker when im stressing it which leads me to believe its overheating? But what confuses me is the pc doesnt power off, evefrything inside is still running and the monitor just displays the no signal display thing.
Info of my hardware:
Mobo : Intel DX48BT2
Cpu; QX9650 Extreme - Quad 3ghz
Gcard - 9800gt
ram - 2gig ddr3 1300mhz
Another thing is, when i leave my pc overnight turned off, i come in to the office, turn my pc on its fine for say 1-3 hours then the crap happens, then i have to leave it off for like 10 mins or i can't even get to windows without it doing its thing.
Any ideas/help is appreciated !
p.s nothing is OC'd
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  1. Download CPUID HWMonitor, install and run.
    Look at voltages and temps under load.

    Look at both Idle and Loaded conditions. For Idle just turn your computer on, wait 15 mins and note. For loaded condition run a program like Prime95, to load cpu, and Furmark to load GPU. will add links.

    http://www.freewarefiles.com/Prime [...] 19638.html

    Post results and we might be able to help.
  2. Is there a way i can set this hwmonitor up to show me more than just my cpu/hd temps?
    Thanks for the help so far !
  3. Should not have to do any setup. Look at the link and you will see what is reported. Voltages, temps,fan speeds, cpu core temps and gpu temps. (if available).

    Word of caution- Some times these "software" programs are not valid. You can normally tell this as The values are out in left field. For example the +5 volts is like 1 to 2 Volts, or the +12 is showing up as a very low or high value. On my i5-750 bBuild (P55M) the +12 does not show up, but appears to be the value displayed as -12 V with a neg value. Most problems with the PSU show up as a low +12 V. This reading should be between +11.4 and +12.6. My personal preference is for the +12 to be no lower than +11.6 V. +5 V should be between +4.75 and + 5.25 V.
  4. All im seeing is CPU and HDD temps, no voltages or anythng
    for my cpu, cores 1 + 2 averages are around 48,
    3+4 43/38 repsectively.
    Is this too high or standard ?
  5. Are the temps for idle or under load, at load they are OK, if idle may be too high when you start "gaming".

    Try (1) If mother board came with a utility program use it for looking at voltages
    (2) look in bios under system health - Causing these valuse are for min load, NOT under Heave load.
    (3) try another program such as speed fan (do a google search). Have to leave.
  6. here is a ss from speed fan
    Its idle, not under heavy load.
    Ty for your help so far, btw in speed fan if i put the fans to 100% will that make any significant differences?
  7. It looks like cpu temp is invalid
    +5/+12 look good

    At idle, if other tems are correct, I would say temps are a little high (exceptable) for idle but may be a problem under load.

    (1) Remove side panel and check for dust accumilation.
    (2) ?? how many case fans do you have. If HDD temp is correct, it indicates poor air flow inside case. Sould be in the low 40's i believe.
    (3) don't use speed fan to boost fan speed. First go into bios and change CPU fan speed from uto to full.
    (4) What CPU cooler are you using, if stock - it's lousy, recommend replacing with a 3rd party HSF, preferably one with a backing plate.

    With side panel off
    With temp monitoring on, run prime 95 and watch CPU temps (Need one that shows your CPU temp (see link for another one)
    Put side panel back on and repeat.
    A 3rd temp monitoring program

    For Prime95
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