SSD is not detected?

I am running a WD hdd as my primary drive with win os on it, and i want to run my
OCZ Vertex 3 - sata III as secondary.

However, windows dont seem to have a letter assigned to it.

i open up device manager , ITS THERE,
but in DISK MANAGEMENT, Its not there?!?! so i can not format or assign a letter to it.

I am running a
amd phenom 980
asrock 970 extreme 3 - mobo
G.skill snipper series 8 GB
Windows 7 home premium.

Help please? i need the ssd to work today!
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  1. Okay, so it seems like it's not formatted properly. I believe that is Disk 1, it shows unallocated (black bar). You don't have data on the SSD, correct? If not then do the following:

    Download EaseUS Home Edition:

    Install program, open program, and click on Go to Main Screen.

    Then right click on the SSD on the bottom half of the screen and format it to NTFS, and make sure the alignment is 4096. After that, you want to check if its Primary, if not right click and it will say "Convert to Primary." Otherwise, leave it alone. Hit Okay and Apply.

    Let me know how it works out for you.
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