Will a Radeon 4850 work on 350W?

Hello everyone,

I was recently given a Dell XPS Studio 8100 (my parents’ hobby of entering every competition known to man finally paid off!) with the below specs:

Intel® Core i7 860
1TB 7200 RPM
350W PSU
GT220 1GB

The obvious weak links in an otherwise decent machine are the pathetic GT 220 and low PSU. I am hoping to upgrade to this Radeon HD 4850 IGB OC:

Do you think it will run on 350W? I have read that Dell PSUs are well made and can handle more than their stated wattage. I also read that there is only one 6 pin connector available for the GPU when this card needs two. Are there any adaptors that I could get to solve this?

Here is a photo of the PSU:

And do you think I will have trouble squeezing it in? Dell doesn’t seem to want people to upgrade considering the limited space:

I will greatly appreciate any help that anyone can give. I am a complete novice at all of this! Hopefully my computer doesn't end up a smoking charred mess by the end of my tinkering.

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  1. HD4850 uses 2x 6pin?

    I'd say yes, but your system has 6GB RAM, a big processor, and a huge hard drive. Especially since yours is a slimline PC.
  2. Upgrade instead to a HD4770 or HD5670. Either of those will work.
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    It ought to be able to handle a 4850 as far as size and plugs go. If you check the Dell website, you can buy it with a 5770 in there. A 4850 uses a bit more power than a 5770 though, and you've got a ton of other hardware already loaded up in there. You could probably run it, though I would be a little nervous doing it myself. I would say get a 5770 or a 5750 (5750 will perform similarly to a 4850).
  4. It would probably work, but I'm guessing one of the reasons you want it is because of the overclocking potential demonstrated in Guru3D's article. Overclocking it even further than the factory OC is just going to further increase it's power draw.

    I'd take the safer route and go with something in the 5700-series lineup instead. Not only do they perform similarly (or better) and have less power draw under load, but they also draw much less power while idle. Yeah, they cost more... But the PC was free!
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  6. Thanks for everyone's help. I have ordered a 5770 adue to the lower power consumption. Hopefully it all goes well!
  7. evilsooty, I hope it works out for you!
  8. UPDATE:

    Bought the below 5770 and, apart from a little wriggling, it fit into my case without any trouble. After a few weeks it is still running fine, even with games like Crysis (which is utter merde by the way!) at max settings for several hours at a time.
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