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My friends PC has failed, since I usually fix everyone's PC around here (of people whom I know) I took the liberty to look at it. It boots but won't POST. Just sits there pickin its nose.

I opened it, tried reseting CMOS with no dice. I tried another PSU, same thing. I also tried another video card, tried moving the RAM around.

I can hear the HDD working, but that shouldn't cause this anyway. Also the DVD drive won't open but that may be another issue (when I put new PSU in I did not plug it into the DVD drive, so maybe the PSU might still be dead).

I have been lead to belive it is the motherboard. Why? Well replacing anything else didn't work, and there are several bulging caps (roughly 5 that I can see) next to the CPU.

Now I need to have him order a new mobo, but his stuff is pretty old. AM2 CPU, 7900GS, 1GB DDR-400

Can not find a AM2 mobo with DDR 1 slots, but it costs only $8 more to get a new mobo with 1GB of DDR 2 so no issue.

I just want to know what you guys think before I place the order. Do you think it is the motherboard?
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  1. AM2 was DDR2 he must have socket 939 which was DDR! Bulging caps definitely point to a bad board.
  2. I am assuming, because AM2 should = AM2 that I can just drop this CPU into a newer AM2/AM2+ board. BTW, these AM2 heatsinks are quiet a bitch.
  3. They did not build any AM2 boards with DDR ram all was DDR2! The AM2 CPU only has DDR2 memory controller, The socket 939 CPU does only have DDR memory controller and will not work in an AM2 board!
  4. Damn, so I need to find and old 939 board.
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