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500gb HDD + 60gb SSD /or/ 1tb HDD?

So either a WD Caviar Blue 500gb hard drive with a 60gb OCZ Agility SSD.


A 1tb Caviar Blue hard drive.

I will be using the computer as my only computer and I will gaming a lot on it. Planning on playing high end games, but I don't buy a lot of games as I don't have a job. I don't see any videos or music being stored on it. Maybe like 100 photos (that's a stretch).

The first option is a little more expensive, but I really want my OS on a SSD! Also Steam would be really nice on one as well.

Guess I'll put the rest of the system:
Case - Cooler Master Elite 430
Power Supply - NZXT Hale82 modular bronze certified
RAM - Patriot 8gb DDR3 1333mhz 2x4gb
Motherboard - Gigabyte H77 mATX
DVD drive

Parts that I don't own yet:
Geforce GTX660 :P
Windows 7 64bit
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    Yes, having an OS on an SSD is good. So, I suggest doing a SSD + HDD combination.
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  3. Should I get the Momentus XT? Boots just as fast

    I'll only be able to get the 500gb hdd, but oh well. I can always get more hard drives if I really need it.
  4. You are correct, your setup right now is sufficient for you.
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