Better air flow from Antec 900 to Silverstone Raven 2?

Hey guys, as the title states I currently have a 3 year old Antec 900. She's been running strong and I've had to air blast her once. However now I'm in a position to get a good deal on the Raven 2 (RV02) case and I'm really intrigued with the stack cooling idea.

So does anyone here know or think the airflow of the Raven 2 is superior to that of the Antec 900's at stock? I would be using it with an H50. Would idle/load temps get a whole lot better? I'd like to add that currently neat and tidy cable management is next to impossible in this case because it has no holes, however I've tried my best.

Also, how do the two compare in quietness? Anyone here owning either case giving insight would be greatly appreciated.

The only bad thing I see about the Raven is its depth. I may have to alter my table orientation for it, because it's sooooo big and long.
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  1. The Raven has cooling on the same level as a 902 and 1200.
  2. Using the H50 with a stack-effect cooling case will destroy the airflow or reduce the effectiveness of the H50.

    The H50 is supposed to take up a 120mm fan slot and draw air in from the outside of the case - i.e. fan intake. The only space the H50 will fit on the Raven 2 is the top 120mm fan which is used as exhaust to help the stack effect - if you have it as an intake you mess with the upwards motion of that air.

    You can switch the fan on the H50 around to be an exhaust, and therefore keep the stack effect in place, but as you're flowing warmer air over the H50's rad you reduce its effectiveness.
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