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okay so I am purchasing a new PC tonight and I have come up with a build...
im going to be gaming but im buying a better video card when i get the movey
i was originally going to base it on a 965 phenom BE but figured that the i5x4 was better and faster from what ive read and only about 25 bucks more...
not sure about the video card, i just need a cheap one for now that will support hdmi and 1080p for my 42'' lcd tv... hows the one i picked look? ill upgrade it later doen the road and maybe crossfire.
any objections? lol

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  1. Id get a better video card and a AMD processor. It would end up working out to the same price probably.
  2. Really a video card opens up a lot more possibilities than a better processor. You only need a higher clocked processor that has at least 3 cores to get maximum performance from a video card. Get a 955 BE or even a Phenom II 945. The motherboard will be cheaper as well. Then you can spring for a ATI 5830 graphics card.
  3. I'm just looking for raw power I plan on buying a top tier card or crossfiring shortly

    This is a AMD/ATI Crossfire X starter kit. Its 600 bucks, so just throw in a video card, mouse, keyboard, and Blu-ray burner and you have yourself a Kick ass PC that can game, encode video, and multitask.
  5. Mxer125cr said:
    I'm just looking for raw power I plan on buying a top tier card or crossfiring shortly

    Then its a good option.
  6. Is my setup better than say a 965 setup for like 785 shipped?
  7. Mxer125cr said:
    Is my setup better than say a 965 setup for like 785 shipped?

    A 965 setup uses the AM3 socket which has more longevity. The i5-750 is a faster processor overall, but the 965 is a better value considering the motherboards are cheaper and the processor is cheaper.

    The i5-750 is 200 bucks, and for 9 bucks more you could get a Hexa-Core AMD processor here :

    And just get it with a motherboard combo.

    The Hexa-core will outdo the i5-750 in multitasking and gaming. It has turbo-core tech which overclocks up to 3 cores if the other 3 are not in use. This happens alot in gaming, so its designed to improve gaming performance.
  8. You could get this combo and not bother getting a video card at all since the motherboard has a built in GPU that has HDMI output. Then you could buy a card later that is top tier when you get the cash.

    Basically this combo is the best price for the newest hardware since the Phenom X6's just came out, as did the 890gx chipset.

    The built-in GPU on this motherboard is a good one for using it with TV's since it was designed with partially that in mind.
  9. Basically you replace your CPU/Processor combo and save around 20 bucks for better, newer hardware. Then you remove the video card you selected and save another 50 bucks. So in total, just by switching to a 6-core processor and newer motherboard you save 70 bucks.
  10. Good idea, so that 2.8 6 core is better than the 965?
  11. Anandtech tests show the i5 better than both at most things
  12. Check out Toms Hardware CPU charts or Best CPU for the money articles.
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