Help i disabled my onboard vga now my screen is black?

Help i was trying to install a new video card ( Nvidia elsa gloria ) but my computer would not detect it. Kept coming up with old card. I tried to go into the bios and disable the on board vga and now my screen is black from when i turn the computer on. I cannot even get into the bios now to change the setting back. any ideas would greatly be appreciated
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  1. did you attach the cable to the new card or the onboard?
  2. i have tried both still nothing now i have removed the new nvidia card and still it is just a black screen. I hear the beep and all when computer starts up so it seems that is working fine just cant get pic.
  3. clear the CMOS by taking out the battery for a few mins
  4. cheers mate that worked computer has started up now. Any ideas how to install video card thou now. That was my original problem computer kepts detecting my old built in card sisffx or something like that but i want to install my new nvidia elsa gloria. Thats why i went into bios in the first place to disable old card. I can disable it through hardware manager but then when i go to install nvidia drivers it tells me that it cannot find any drivers that match my hardware darn computers any help on this would be a life saver. Thanks
  5. few things:

    Please list the full specs of your computer including the PSU.

    Did you download the latest drivers from Nvidia's website?

    Does the video card have a 6pin PCIe power connector and did you connect it with the correct cable from your PSU?
  6. Yes i downloaded latest drivers from nvidia website. The video card does not have power connecter. My computer specs are...

    ACPI uniprocessor pc with windows xp
    CPU Intel celeron D 320, 2400mhz (18 x 133)
    Motherboard name ASUS p4s800-mx
    Motherboard chipset sis661fx
    Video adaptor sis661fx (32mb)

    Hope this helps if you need more info i can have another look. Thanks
  7. Ok first off when you installed the new video card did you plug the video cable into the new card while the computer is off because the motherboard should detect it and switch to the new card. If that doesn't work plug the cable back to the onboard then like you did in the bios disable the onboard video but is their option to switch to AGP?
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