Looking to buy SSD

Does this look like a good deal?


Currently have 80GB Intel gen1 ssd in pc. Would like to move old ssd to laptop and get a new one for PC.

If this is no good can somebody recommend something else with a link in UK

Rest of the system is
P35 motherboard
GTS8800 512

Motherboard is only SATAII with 3Gbps and I do not fancy to buy add-in SATAIII card so it does not matter if SSD does not support SATAIII but if I can get it for not much more money it would be preferred if it did.
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  1. I am using a SATA III SSD into my SATA II port. It's still fast. Also if you ever upgrade, consider that your SSD is already future-proof. You don't need to get a sata III card, I think it's also pointless. But according to your budget, I think the SSD you have is at a great price. Compared to the prices I've seen on Amazon UK. I'd say go for it.
  2. I know that SATAIII will work just fine on SATAII port but I am not looking to get a new PC or change motherboard for at least another 2 years. And building a new system then I will most likely get new ssd as they should be bigger, faster and cheaper by then, maybe even SATAIV so not too worried about future proofing. If I can get the same or better SATAIII for £5 quid more then it makes sense otherwise I can just stick with SATAII.
  3. Currently the price on the sandisk ultra is well suited for your needs and it's the best price, right now. The SATA III SSD are roughly about 8-10 quids more.
  4. Thanks for the comments, order placed.

    Was briefly considering ordering 2 to use ether in RAID or to upgrade second laptop as well as it is weekend only deal, free delivery and cheaper then on e-bay.

    But bought only one at the end as there is no real need to upgrade second laptop because it's only used to stream tv to the bedroom TV-set and never switched off. And while 2 of them theoretically would give me SATAIII speeds on my old MB and 240GB for the price that's less then 1 SATAIII 240GB drive I had my doubts idf SATAII controller would actually keep uf with those speeds and there is no real need for extra capacity and one should be plenty fast considering my old Intel gen1 ssd only has 250/70 MB/s speed.

    The question is does it support TRIM? I would expect all SSD's to support it now. There is nothing said about it on Sandisk website and out of other sources on the net some say it does, others that it does not but most does not say anything about TRIM
  5. Well as long as it's in an intel port and not in RAID mode it will work. In fact Sandisk also states that their SSD's support trim.

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