No display from HD 5850

I just built it today and everything seens to run fine, even the fan of the card is running but I get no picture.

this is what I got..
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  1. Any beeps?

    Some things to try:

    Go through the boot problems sticky in homebuilt

    Try starting with minimum components.

    Try starting with an old graphics card (if you have one).

    Just because no picture does not mean it is the card unless you have tested the other components.
  2. What cable are you using to connect to your monitor.

    Whats the resolution of your monitor?
  3. I tried with 1920X1080 thats my hdtv and a 1200x1020 lcd monitor.. I been searching and I notice that my memOK is lit and it stays red... if its a processor problem would everything on the board could still be running?
  4. I did a reset on my mother as indicated in the manual and now the memOK is not lit anymore but the picture still.
  5. Try booting with a single stick of ram, trying both 1 at a time. Some mobos require certain slots for a single stick to work so read your manual. It is very very rare to get a bad CPU.
  6. I did the single stick and nothing, I think at this point watching the blue screen of death appear on my display would make me happier than no display at all :.(..
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