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HomeBuilt Compatibilty

Hi Guys!
I am making a new build and have short listed what i need. I plan to add the discrete GPU Later
1.Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6500 2.93GHz
2. 2 * {Kingston DDR3 Value Select 2GB}
3.Intel DG41WV
4.Legend 5830BK with 450W PSU
5.DVD-RW HP 1260r

I wanted to know if there will be any memory conflict because the MB supports DDR3-1066 while the memory is DDR3-1333. Check this out for more details
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  1. No. It should work fine at the slower speed of 1066 unless you overclock the cpu. Then the ram may run faster. No guarantees it will work overclocked; depends on your board.
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    The configuration works fine with no conflicts or problems in Win 7 as stated by Intel.....
    Check this out to clarify your doubt completely

    These two clearly state the use of 1333MHz RAMs.... :)
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