Donimator GT 2000MHz 8-9-8-24 (6GB) runs only in 1066MHz!

My rig:

NZXT Tempest Midi Case
Intel i7-950
Asus Rampage III Gene
Corsair 6GB Donimator GT 2000Mhz
Noctua NH-D14 Heatsink
PSU Corsair HX1000W
Powercolour HD 4870 512MB (will be replaced with 6970 Crossfire)
Corsair V128 SSD

I have trouble with my 6gb Donimator GT 2000Mhz 8-9-8-24. It runs only in 1066Mhz. I know that this is the default speed that intel i7 CPU can run any memory. When i tried to load XMP from the bios, my PC couldn't boot. I have none responce whatsoever. My moniotr is pitch black. Then, i used clear cmos button (on the back panel in Rampage III Gene, thank you asus). Then i tried again, and again and again. Nothing.

Then i tried to overclock my cpu so i could make the memory run at 2000MHz. I used 200 MHz block, multi 21. Pitch black again. I tried many varietions of 21, 20 multi and 143, 191 block speeds. Nothing. I tried many different vcore volts, 1.25 or 1.35 with 1.65 volt for the memory. Nothing. I can't make the pc start. I can't make any test for stability. Nothing. I do the simplest change in bios and then it can't boot. Please help. I am desperate because the only reason i bought this rig is to learn to overclock

Why my pc never boot? Why is dead after any change in bios?
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  1. Is there anyone who is willing to try to help me? I think that someone has the same board, cpu and memory with me....please....
  2. Welcome to Tom's Forum! :)

    Everyone in the USA is waking-up and gett'n coffee - Good Morning.

    For starters, "currently" what are all of the BIOS changes above "Defaults"?

    For 2000 MHz RAM you 'typically' {no always} need a BCLK >160, and when OC the CPU often do not use XMP it either works or makes your rig very unstable incl post failure. Next, I would recommend that your BIOS is 0501 or above; I rarely recommend BIOS flashes unless needed.

    I assume you're running CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 2000 MHz 8-9-8-24-2T @ 1.65v {DDR3-2000 (DominatorGT-16000C8*XMP*3CH)} so I do know the kit has XMP data.

    The ONLY voltages for the RAM that you want to mess with are: DRAM Voltage, and QPI/DRAM Voltage.

    For your RAM:
    DRAM Voltage -> 1.65~1.70v
    QPI/DRAM Voltage -> 1.30~1.38

    Before I can go any further I need to know settings.
  3. Thank you for the reply. rampage iii gene came with 0704 bios (it's the latest).

    I am loading defaul setting. Then save and exit. Everything works fine.

    XMP profile.... i choose xmp in the extreme tweaker menu, section ai overclock tuner. i realise that qpi/dram voltage is 1.25 amd dram voltage 1.6 - i change these with 1.45 and 1.65 (i took these values from a topic at corsair support site). Save and exit. And .... nothing turn on.... pc is dead.

    Overclocking..... i select manual in ai overclock tuner. I choose 200 blck, 21 multi. 191 blck, 21 multi....everything else in auto and vcore voltage 1.30 and 1.35 dram voltage 1.65 qpi 1.45 - 1.55. Everythng black. PC is none responsive.

    What i am doing wrong? i will post photos with my bios setting....thanks again.
  4. i7 950 CPU Multiplier -> 23
    BCLK -> 193
    23 X 193 = 4.44 GHz {requires good CPU cooling}

    Problem with your BIOS, I noted that for "AI OC tuner -> Manual" - "For a CPU that is locked, only frequency {DDR3-800 MHz} or {DDR3-1066 MHz} can work" An i7 950 is indeed locked.

    The work around 'seems' to
    AI OC tuner -> ROG
    Extreme Memory Profile -> High Frequency
    ROG Memory Profile -> Lightning {possible stability issues}
    DRAM Frequency -> ?? {what is listed?}

    DRAM Voltage -> 1.65~1.70v
    QPI/DRAM Voltage -> 1.30~1.38
    VCore 1.25~1.35v {depending on OC; 1.2v is stock} ; VID Voltage Range 0.800V-1.375V
  5. I will try these settings and i'll get back to you. Thanks a bunch.
  6. Nothing with ROG profile works. At least I managed to make ram 1600mhz, but without overclocking the cpu. One step at the time. i'll keep trying.

    Would any pics from my bios help ?
  7. I managed with some help from the link you gave me to make my pc post with 2000mhz. But it crashes after a while (when windows starts or when i try to run prime95). I even manage to overclock in 4.0 ghz but with the same problems. I think i make progress.....

    My main issue now are voltages. I have two questions....

    A) i load bios defaults. Can i OC to 4.0GHz stable if i change only cpu multi (20) blck 200, ram speed 2005 Mhz, cpu voltage 1.325, dram voltage 1.65 qpi voltage 1.55? dram timings and all the other settings in auto?

    B) Which settings is essensial to be enable or disable when OC (C1E, C-State, Intel TM, intel HT).

    Someone who has the same board as me, (rampage iii gene) should help.

    Thanx for all replys, and thanx jaquith.
  8. Per your A - If it were me I would keep the CPU Multiplier at 23 and adjust the BCLK lower, increase the CPU Voltage ~1.30~1.3Xv, DRAM Voltage 1.67~1.68v, QPI/DRAM 1.35~1.40v, and set the CAS Per spec.

    Per your B - Intel TM -> Disable.

    Keep in mind I've seen this similar problem with the R3E, there are 2 effective ways to OC RAM: Speed per spec CAS {try lower}, 2000 MHz 9-9-9-24 -> 1600 7-7-7-24 ; run Super PI and check the differences - often the Lower frequency {loss} + Lower CAS {gain} washout each other and you end up with am equally fast setup but it's stable.

    RE: "Someone who has the same board as me, (rampage iii gene) should help. " -> 99.9% people get the R3E. It's RAM BIOS for Frequency is unfortunately different.

    These ASUS Rampage MOBO's, all of them, are a bitch for 2000 MHz RAM. I do know my voltages.
  9. BTW - My assumption is as soon as you ran Prime95 the TB kicked-in and with those multipliers caused the failure. I run my 980X at 4.4 & 4.6 and 'I' disabled both HT & TB plus I'm running on water.
  10. So.... i used your settings and i have blck 174, multi 23, memmory runs at 1744Mhz and cpu 4.01Ghz. Voltages are 1.325 vcore, dram 1.68275, qpi 1.45. I run prome95 for 30 minutes without any errors. The only downside are the temps.... under load after running prime hdware monitor gave 81 (core #0) 79 (core #1), 80 (core #2) 76 (core #3). Any opinion for these temps? With HT disable temps where near 69 and 70 degrees celsius.
  11. Find the lowest CPU Voltage to keep your rig stable, I appreciate that voltage 'x' works on one rig, but it may not on the other. In addition, try changing the BCLK slightly 170 & 178. This is to get a feel for speed & temps.

    Voltage = Heat

    Q - What CPU Cooler are you using?
  12. Noctua NH-D14 is the cooler.

    Eventualy after 30 or 40 minutes of prime my rig reboots. Pity.....i tried different voltages for cpu but nothing. Now i am trying to find other blck and multi.

    I start to understand more about voltages and blck speeds. I'll keep trying.
  13. Here's a good thread, it goes along with my HT + TB = off + lower temps -

    "I've got 23x175 to achieve my new 4Ghz on 4 Threads. I still had to set the Vcore at 1.29375,..." { 10-05-2010 at 08:55:51 AM }

    Get you CPU running 1ST then mess around with your RAM, doing both at once places too many variables.

    The voltages I suggested were for 4.4GHz, and a 4 GHz try just under Vcore 1.3 {1.27~1.29v}
  14. BTW - I assume that you have your CPU Fan setup correctly. Otherwise you will overheat. In addition, if you have any ASUS Utilities installed then uninstall them they will conflict with your manual adjustments.

    CPU Q-Fan Control -> Enabled
    CPU Fan Profile -> Standard or Turbo
  15. My 4.2 overclock is more stable than my 4.0 - maybe is the 20 21 multi (i read that intel i7 likes odd multis). But afte a while (20 minutes - 15 minutes or less sometimes) i get a BSOD. My vcore in 4.2 is 1.39 which is very high. I managed a stable 3.8 overclock with vcore 1.27.

    In any cituation my max temps where 81 in core #0.

    So, i think 2 things..... a) my i7 950 is voltage thirsty (bad chip) or b) i do something wrong. I try to not change many settings in bios (i use auto).

    Any other advice?
  16. Question, did you "HT + TB = off" ; if not then turn them off.

    I assume that when you're running Prime 95 that the CPU fan is running loud and at 100%. No, I am not surprised about the CPU running better faster, my first suggestion was running at 4.4GHz.
  17. HT gives great numbers in benchmarks so i am thinking to keep it enable.

    I am running at 4.2 GHz stable everywhere (3dmark vantage, intelburn, wprime)
    but at prime95 i get BSOD after 30 or 40 minutes. I play games without any
    problems, and when i am i average a temp of 60 in core#0. And no the fans of
    cpu are not loud. they barely audiable.

    But the problem with the memory still exists. I am running at 1600 Mhz all in
    auto (timings). When i try 2005 MHz i get the BSOD.

    So.... these are my bios settings.

    Tuning Mode : Extreme OC
    Sync Mode : Enabled
    Ai Overclock Tuner : Manual
    OC From CPU Level Up : Auto
    CPU Ratio Setting : 21.0
    CPU Turbo Power Limit : Enabled

    CPU Configuration
    CPU Ratio Setting : 21.0
    C1E Support : Disabled
    Hardware Prefetcher : Enabled
    Adjacent Cache Line Prefetch : Enabled
    MPS and ACPI MADT ordering : Modern ordering
    Intel(R) Virtualization Tech : Enabled
    CPU TM Function : Enabled
    Execute Disable Bit : Disabled
    Intel (R) HT Technology : Enabled
    *Active Processor Cores : All
    A20M : Disabled
    *Intel(R) SpeedStep (TM) Tech: Disabled
    Intel(R) C-State Tech : Disabled

    BCLK Frequency : 200
    PCIE Frequency : 100
    DRAM Frequency : DDR3-1603MHz
    UCLK Frequency : 3208MHz
    QPI Link Data Rate : 7218MT/s
    Memory Configuration Protect : Disabled

    DRAM Timing Control

    CAS# Latency 8
    RAS# to CAS# Delay 9
    RAS# PRE Time 8
    RAS# ACT Time 24
    RAS# to RAS# Delay Auto
    REF Cycle Time 110
    WRITE Recovery Time 15
    READ to PRE Time 24
    FOUR ACT WIN Time Auto
    Back-To-Back CAS# DelayAuto

    Timing Mode Auto

    All the others are auto......

    EPU II Phase Control : Full Phase
    CPU Load-Line Calibration : Enabled
    CPU Differential Amplitude : Auto
    IOH Voltage OCP : Enabled
    DRAM Voltage OCP : Enabled
    QPI Voltage OCP : Enabled

    Extreme OV : Disabled

    CPU Voltage Control : Absolute (VID)

    CPU Voltage : 1.39375
    CPU PLL Voltage : 1.82850
    QPI/DRAM Core Voltage : 1.37500

    IOH Voltage : Auto
    IOH PCIE Voltage : Auto
    ICH Voltage : Auto
    ICH PCIE Voltage : Auto

    DRAM Bus Voltage : 1.68275

    DRAM REF Voltages are all in auto.

    CPU Spread Spectrum : Disabled
    PCIE Spread Spectrum : Disabled
    CPU Clock Skrew : Auto
    IOH Clock Skrew : Auto

    What do you think?
  18. Here's a good chart, but remember {HT} you're comparing 2 radically different CPUs -

    Chart 2 -

    I didn't see any mention of CAS Timing Mode = 2N.

    CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 2000 MHz 8-9-8-24-2T @ 1.65v
  19. jaquith said:

    Thanks for the links... they are very usefull...

    jaquith said:
    I didn't see any mention of CAS Timing Mode = 2N.

    CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 2000 MHz 8-9-8-24-2T @ 1.65v

    In ASUS BIOS CAS Timing Mode is "Timing Mode" and in my case is in Auto.

    I managed a overclock with 160 bckl and 24 multi at 3.85 and memory 1600 9-9-9-24. This is my first stable overclock (12 hours). My highest temp during that run (prime95) was 71 for core #0. Vcore is 1.29 and all others in auto.
    My next step is to optimize this overclock by finding the right pll and qpi and thus lower temps.
  20. I've seen plenty of people stuck at the 1600 MHz with Dominator GT. The Intel C-State is the next setting to look at, not to mention TB must be off.
  21. if it can help you, i own the CMT6GX3M3A2000C8 and i run it at 1600mhz with 6-7-6-18 1N
  22. Thanx man! I tried 6-7-6-18 1N and it work fine. I will stick to it until i will manage that magic 4,0 ghz with 2000mhz ram overclock. i still try but without any luck.
  23. Hi all

    Have a Formula 3 with a i7 980 and dominator 2000MHz std8-9-8-24 have gotten the CPU to run at 4.0GHZ stable with GT/s 72xx the clock at 200Mhz @ 20 Multi the ram ????? is on 1600MHz 7-7-7-18 it runs great voltage is on cpu 1.35 ram @1.65 as per manufacture was wondering if anyone has gotten it to run 4Ghz cpu and 2000MHz people are also saying its better to get the ram timings down for performance and balance on the rigs ??? not just for the sake of benchmarks but for fast gaming what would be the best ??

    REgards H3LL
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