AMD Phenom II 945 and HD5870 - Which Memory To Use?

Hi All

Please could someone guide me on which type of memory I would be best using.

My newly built system is based around a Phenom II 945 @ 3Ghz and a HD5870 1gb Graphics card. At the moment I have aMSI NF520T-C35 motherboard with 4gb Samsung DDR2 667Mhz ram (4x1gb sticks)

I want to know if its worth while upgrading my motherboard and memory to DDR3 or would I just be wasting my time and money. Also is my processor and graphics in any way suffering due to the memory being used.

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  1. Hi.

    Isn't a wasted of money, with the AM3 mobo u can get less heat and better OC settings. With the DDR3 you can get a better OC on the RAM and better performance on games and applications.
  2. Would it be nice to have an AM3 board and DDR3 RAM? Definitely. However, I don't think you'll see any noticeable increase in performance, so it isn't worth the money right now. Wait until AMD moves on to a new socket or there's a need to pick up a massive CPU.
  3. My motherboard already supports AM3 but its still DDR2 - I feel like the rams a little out of date compared to the rest of the system, I just wasnt sure if it was holding back my graphics performance for gaming.
  4. The new AMD socket is the AM3r and comes out until 2011, U can geat a cheap and good mobo AM3 for now.
  5. @saint: Source? The only new sockets I've heard of are Intel's next two in a year...

    Put it this way. I'd be surprised if the RAM was holding back performance, or at least noticeably holding it back. I certainly wouldn't run out and buy DDR3 to replace it right now. However, I also wouldn't buy any more DDR2. So if you absolutely need more RAM (which you don't), spend the extra and step up to 8 GB of DD3. Otherwise leave it alone.
  6. Thanks for the responses - Thats just what I wanted to hear!
  7. I'm not actually sure that's a new socket. The r2 hints at it being a revision, not a replacement. With just that as evidence, I'm thinking it's more like a new chipset that will enhance the abilities of the new CPUs (think H55/H57 versus P55, not LGA1366 versus LGA775). It just doesn't fit AMD's philosophy to introduce a new socket only in the high end. If both mainstream and enthusiast markets had "AM3r2" listed, it would have been more likely to be a new socket.
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