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A while ago i bought my low budget gaming PC without ssd, now i am looking to get it. But i don't know is it really an improvement at all? Ok, boot times are faster, programs start faster etc. but is it any faster for gaming with ssd for OS and all the games on HDD?
And how can i install windows on new ssd drive and keep all files except windows on my current drive? :??:
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  1. An SSD won't increase frames per second, but it will decrease loading times for levels in games.

    I invite you to read Sean's Windows 7 Install & Optimization Guide for SSDs & HDDs

    Tells you all you need to do how to setup windows 7 properly with an SSD.

    Just a couple tips from me when you read the installation guide:
    1) Remember to unplug all Hard Drives and plug only your SSD
    2) Go into BIOS and go to your SATA controllers (different manufacturers have different BIOS menus) and change all of them to ACHI.
    3) Install Windows 7
    4) Install necessary drivers and updates
    5) Turn off computer, plug in Hard Drive and power, turn on computer.
    6) You should be able to see Hard Drive Disk with all the files inside it may be called Windows.old or something like that.
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