Phenom 955 X4 BE or Phenom 1055t X6?Which one is good n futureproof?

i am confused for my gaming rig between phenom x6 1055t and phenom x4 955be.So which one to go for and which cpu will be more future proof for gaming??

motherboard-biostar ta785ge 128M
gfx-radeon 4870 1Gb
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  1. Firstly, make sure your motherboard supports the X6 before you consider it. For current games, the X4 will probably be as fast or faster since the additional cores of the X6 won't make a difference. In future, software may be able to take full advantage of a hexacore CPU, and then the X6 makes more sense.
    It's up to you to decide what your needs are.
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    Firstly, make sure your motherboard supports the X6 before you consider it.

    yes,it supports x6 both 95 and 125 tdp.
  3. If you don't mind upgrading in the future I would get the 955BE now and upgrade to a 6-8 core in a years time. Asl ojust because the mobo supports 95 & 125 TDP doesn't mean it supports the 1055t, I just checked the Biostar site and it doesn't mention x6 phenoms but the CPU support tab doesn't work.
  4. If gaming is all you do, the x4 955be will be as fast as the 1055t and is easy to OC due to being BE.

    1055t is a superb chip, can go to 4.5ghz on a good board (890FX) and has plenty of gaming performance, plus two extra cores come in handy if you do a lot of 3d rendering or File format conversions..

    Depends on the money you want to spend and what you see as future proof..

    No PC technology will future proof you from having to upgrade or replace parts, as that is the relentless march of progress.

    Decide on a budget set over a time frame with the performance level you need, then purchase and play until the time frame is up, then upgrade and rinse and repeat...

    The key here is not to spend too much if you have the level of performance you need. There is no point having 100+fps when by the time it makes a diffference, you will be in the upgrade cycle already.

    The 955 is a good chip and one I believe is better suited to your board, think of it as a great stopgap with buckets of performance untill Bulldozer arrives and you can then get the lay of the land on New Mobo and Bulldozer upgrades!
  5. yeah i understand nothing is future proof but i asked which one is MORE futureproof amongst the two cpus?
    also the biostar ta785ge supports 1055t and 1090t both with 95w and 125w tdp.i checked it several times before buying the mobo.
    i am asking more future proof because i may not be upgrading pc very soon after building this rig.
  6. For future-proofing, six cores are better than four. You could game and run a virus scan or transcode video at the same time... ;-)
  7. Simple 1055t is more futureproof! Its the correct option in your case of wanting to keep rig as long as possible.
  8. The 1055t is the better choice - it won't bottleneck a 4870 now, and is far more futureproof with six cores.
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