Windows & can't connect to internet through router

I just bought a new PC and have windows 7. When I connect to the Linksys wrt54g via wire, my computer cannot connect to the internet. Window 7 sees the router but won't connect to the internet. My old computer ran XP and I was able to connect no problem with the same setup. I don't think it is the router because my laptop gets wireless connection without a problem. Any ideas?
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  1. Open the Command Prompt which is in the Accessory folder under All Programs and type the following:

    ipconfig /all

    check if you have a IP number under Gateway and DNS Server assigned
  2. I do indeed have an IP number and DNS server assigned.
  3. Yes, you should see an IP number.

    Another test is typing the following:


    If you get an answer (no packets lost), you have internet connection. Then try the following:


    If you do not get an answer (lost packets), you are missing DNS Serves
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