Which brand is better for Radeon HD 5770: XFX or HIS

Let me start by saying that those are the only two options available here at my local market. I've almost always been an XFX user and am very much satisfied with their quality. Though this time around I'm considering the other option as well because of the higher price premium for XFX products.

This would also be my first shot at an AMD GPU cuz I had always been the NVIDIA guy up till now.

I'm considering getting a Radeon HD 5770. The XFX version costs about $220 here while the HIS version goes for about $200. Both are at their stock speeds and are actually the models that first launched last October.

What I want to know is that is there any quality or reliability issues with the HIS products compared to XFX. The average room temperature easily gets around 45 degrees celcius here so overheating could be an issue.

I'm looking to buy them early next week so any advice would be really helpful.
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  1. Both are good HIS is known for their good cooling solutions (ICEQ) and XFX for their warranty. I would personally buy the cheaper one.
  2. Both are good, but XFX generally has the better reputation in the North America because of their double lifetime warranty that goes with the card if you ever sell it. HIS is generally known for solid cooling, though for a 5770 that probably doesn't matter too much as they're not really very hot to begin with at 40nm fab for the core and all that. I would just go with the XFX and know that they'll replace it for you if it dies.
  3. XFX if same price.

    If his is cheaper, get that.
  4. For your room temps that around 45'C then i would say take HIS card, their IceQ tech will help cooling down your GPU since it blowing the hot air out from back of the card...
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I also wanted to know which brand is usually better at Overclocking?

    HIS ICEQ series would definitely have an advantage there but sadly the cards available here aren't ICEQ.
  6. They should both overclock about the same.
  7. then get XFX.. :D
  8. XFX for sure if its not the ICEQ version. The HIS one is probably just a reference card then, and the XFX will most definitely be the better buy IMO.
  9. Thanks for all the help guys.

    I ended up getting the HIS card because the XFX was out of stock as well. Besides I asked and they said the Double Life-time Warranty isn't available in this region so the HIS and XFX had same warranties.

    Though the HIS card I got isn't a reference design (but still not an ICEQ version) http://www.hisdigital.com/un/product2-503.shtml

    Its working great though and I'll be adding another one soon for a CrossFireX config. I just hope its performance goes close to the 5870.
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