Need to pick an ssd

hey, need someone in the know to sort out this list for me
trim seems to be an important feature.
just using as main drive for a windows7, i7 rig build.
sata3 on mobo.
need the bestest, fastest, you know, the one.

OCZ 60G Agility EX SLC SSD $599.00

Mach Xtreme DS Series 100G SSD(SandForceSF1222controller) $519.00
OCZ 120G Agility SSD 64M Cache $465.00
OCZ Colossus 120G 3.5G SSD Read260MB/s Write260MB/s $639.00
OCZ Vertex Limited Edition 100G SATAII 2.5 SSD Read270MB/s Write250MB/s $558.00
OCZ 120G Vertex Series SSD $479.00
Patriot 128G TORQX M28 SSD with 128M Buffer $449.00
PQI 128G Micro SATA SSD Instock $399.00
G.Skill Falcon II 128G SSDHD 2.5 inch SATA II $399.00
G.Skill Falcon 128G SSDHD 2.5 inch SATA2 $425.00
Kingston SNVP325 128G SSD V-Series SATA2 $467.00
Corsair Performance P128 128GB 2.5 MLC SSD 220/180MB/sec SATA II $450.00

really appreciate the help
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  1. research, research, research. Personally i'm putting off getting a SSD for a few months, but right now the Sandforce ones look very promising along with the Indilinx. I'd say TRIM is a must have.
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    You want the best right now... the OCZ Vertex Limited Edition is currently the best overall SSD out at this time.
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