The PC won't boot.

Hello,I just bought and installed my new PC but it won't boot, the fans and the LED on the motherboard will turn on but nothing else happens, no beeping noise and the display gets no signal and the reset and power buttons won't work. And when I plug my 4 pin connector to the motherboard it won't start at all.

My PC:
Amd Phenom II x4 955 3.2 gh (I ordered an Athlon x4 620 but I got this one instead for free, yay me)

MSI 770 c45

Kingston ValueRAM 2GB DDR3 1333MHz CL9 Dual Channel Kit

HIS Radeon HD4850

Samsung 500GB SATA-II 7200 rpm 16MB SpinPoint F3

Seasonic S12II-520 Bronze 520W
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  1. Do you have any spare parts that you could try in your system? Have you tried it with a single stick of RAM? Have you tried the other DIMM slots to see if maybe that is the issue?

    I'm thinking your problem is either your motherboard or power supply.
  2. I tried playing with the RAM sticks in other DIMM slots, but still the same result, I even tried without RAM and nothing changed.
  3. And I got no parts to play with, I'm currently on an old PC, socket A.
  4. We have a sticky that was created just to troubleshoot this exact problem. Please perform EVERY step in the PERFORM THESE STEPS before posting about boot/no video problems! sticky and let us know how it goes.

    One thing is for sure, your system doesn't have a chance of working without the 4-pin CPU power connector plugged in. That connector provides the CPU with power.

    I can't stress enough how important it is to perform every step in the checklist, no matter how silly or trivial it seems.
  5. This is very probably a faulty power supply, and should be the first component that you replace; most computer repair shops will test by replacement your power supply for you if it is not then as you have no spares you will probably have to get a professional to look at it for you or send it back to were you bought it from.
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