How to clean a coated case?


I have got hold of a bespoke Thinpad x60 T7200 2.0Ghz Core 2 Duo with 4gb RAM for the grand price of £30. Needs a couple of bits doing/cleaning including a battery

That said (so with cost in mind) I need to know how to clean the coated rubberized case. The previous owner put a sticker on it and once removed left a long residue

What is the best way to clean these cases as I know the coating can react and bubble if you use the wrong cleaning agents

Thinking washing up liquid, cotton cloth, how water and time might be the best bet?
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  1. i would just go with Water, can't go wrong with warm/hot water, it just may take time...
  2. Err, sticky residue, never good...

    Warm damp cloth sounds like a good idea, try a little washing up liquid in an inconspicuous area, if its rubberised, its for protection so Washing up liquid should be ok, stay away from alcohol base or oil!
  3. thanks guy. all thinkpads come with the coating i think. gives the case a 'grippy' feel. i'll get on with that and let you know how it goes


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