External HD, Deleted Partitions not recognised by Win 7


I have a 250 gb External HD that is causing problems.

I have run the HD thru Active@ Partition Recovery suite and it is showing the HD with all the files there.

But there are two partitions at the start of the scan one shows as Local Disk (ex fat) 233 GB, from sector 63 thru to 488375937. It also shows a folder 'unallocated space' from 4883760000 thru to 488397167 that is holding all the files that I want to recover.

How do I go about recovering these?

Active wants me to pay! Win 7 won't recognise the disk until I format (which obviously I don't want to do).

Is there a FREE way of recovering this drive/files?
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  1. I have had lots of luck with Linux. I believe the software is called Disk-Part, or something simioar to that. If you have a 2nd computer that you can load Linux onto. Otherwise, if the info is important enough to you, there are lots of software programs out there that you coud use. As far as free software goes, your going to find free downloads, but in the end, it will ask u to pay. Good luck
  2. thanks for the swift reply, I don't have a second computer, so that is out of the question.

    i thought that there might have been a free program, but seeing as how many hits come up on google and that I am not the first or last to do this I guess there are $$$$ to be made.

    hmmmmm, I will have to think about paying for my files.

    thanks again.
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