What to do with a possibly "dodgy" Hard Drive?

As I've mentioned in some earlier threads, I was having issues with my 1 TB Hitachi 7200 rpm drive that mostly (but didn't completely) went away once I turned off the Page file. At no time did any disk checking program show a problem with the drive, but the fact that it would occasionally go into 100% spin with no actual reads or writes going on would freeze my system for a minute or more.

Last night I finally replaced it with a Sata III Crucial 128 Gig SSD. Moved my Windows Experience score up as the HD even originally was only 5.9 and the SSD is at 8.1

So now I have, as far as I can tell, a perfectly good 1TB drive just sitting here. I really don't want to toss it out, but I'd feel bad about selling it given I'm not sure if there is an issue or not. On the other hand I wouldn't really want to use it for anything I couldn't afford to lose either, and the system already has an external 4TB USB2 and a 1TB USB3 drive so I'm not really hurting for storage either.

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  1. I would format it and leave it in as a storage drive and maybe load some of your programs on it to save space on the SSD. 128GB is not a lot of space.
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