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Will a e-machine w3503 with the latest bios handle a pentium d 820. I don't the money for a new computer and can get a 820 on eBay for $10.00.
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  1. there is a live chat on website


    bottom of screen, also by looking, I think answer is no!, no Bios updates for d820 support!

    Looks like only 965 intel chipsets supported dual core with ddr2 in e-machines builds
  2. The w3503 has an intel d101ggc which does support a pentium d 820 with a cert-in bios.
  3. Sweet, go for it then $10.00 how far can it go wrong!
  4. The problem is I don't know if my bios supports the 820 since it is an e-machine bios and doesn't match with the intel bios.
  5. For only $10 it is worth a shot. If it doesn't work, just turn around and resell it.
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