New gaming rig. Need help =]

Hello all. I am building a new gaming rig and have picked these parts to use. Please see if there are certain things I should get rid of or add. Thank you!

Case: Lancool K62
CPU: AMD Thuban x6 1090T
CPU Cooler: Corsair H50
Mobo : Asus Crosshair IV 890FX
GPU: Asus EAH5850
HDD: Samsung f3 1TB
PSU: 850W Corsair 850HX
Memory: Gskill Ripjaw 4GB (Should I go for 8GB? will i notice a big difference?)
Optical: 24x DVD Burner/player
Monitor: Asus 23.6inch 1080p Widescreen

OS: Win7 64bit System Builder Version.

Input will be very appreciated! Thank you!
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  1. You're light on the GPU for gaming at 1080p. You should have at least a 5870 for that resolution. 4GB is plenty of a gaming system. You won't see any difference between 4GB and 8GB when gaming.
  2. People won't be able to help much because of certain unknown things. Like your budget and where you are located and buying from.

    Use this guide, it'd make getting help a lot easier and faster.

    How to ask for new build advice
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