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Computer won\'t boot, help?

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July 6, 2010 3:55:40 PM

Hey guys, first thing's first. I am VERY new to computer hardware, so if you want me to give you any specific information, please tell me how I'd be able to obtain that. -Thanks.

Okay, so I got some new hardware for my computer (Mainly a second nVidia 8800GT and two Gb's of ram). Okay, so my 8800GT is a PCI slot type of card, so I just slide it in, it clicks and I attach the SLI bridge (because I have two), and everything seems okay. I put in the extra 2 Gb's of ram, which are two 1 Gb sticks. So now I have 4 1Gb sticks in my computer.

I make sure the second 8800GT has power to my power supply, and everything checks up just fine.

I go to boot up my computer, and it never passes that initial "rev-up" stage. You know, usually when you turn on your computer how all your parts kind of kick it into overdrive for a few seconds with a louder than normal WHIRRLL, then it all calms down and everything starts running until shutdown? Well, my computer never calms down... I can remove the second 8800GT and the 2Gb's and it'll work fine, but I prefer the extra performance.

Help please? :D 

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July 6, 2010 5:10:30 PM

I would try, putting everything back in:
Remove the power cord, hold the power button in for 5 sec (purge the system of all existing stored power), rest the CMOS, plug it back in, jump into the BIOS adjust what every you prefer... and see how that goes.

Or try booting with 2 GFX cards, if that doesnt work, remove the card place the RAM in, and try to find out what is causing the hold up.

Sounds like a timing/ voltage issue, my PC does the same thing when my voltages are off... Underclock/under volt and that fixes the issue (for me)... (I mess around a little to much with my OC's, just to see "cause and effect" even though I already know what it will do... )