Urgent: freeze at bios screen asrock x58 extreme

Hello there everyone
I bought a SSD recently (OCZ vertex2) and today i realized how slowly windows was booting, so i decided to look into it (big mistake). I wandered the internet for a while and i found some tips from OCZ website (changing a value in regedit from 3 to 0,
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\Msahci), rebooted and noticed how it still was slow the same.. so i rebooted again and went into the bios.. and messed up with AHCI, sata stuff, IDE.. i have no f* idea anymore!!! oh crap... Now my computer wont get past the motherboard loading screen (AsRock x58 extreme)... on the LED debug it says code 38, which appears to mean "Initializes different devices through DIM"

.(also, before the catastrophy, ive seen the "boot order" pan and it appeard wierd, so i changed some things there, rebooted, noticed how nothing changed speedwise, and set everything back how it was, so i dont think thats the problem)

I already tried resetting the bios from the motherboard button, by removing the battery, theres nothing that seems to work..
also removed all the other drives (external and internal)...

i only have a wireless keyboard.. i really hope this is not the problem... my bios always took wirelesskeyboard imputs till now but now it just wont take anything and it stays there forever..

may i add this is quite friggin urgent since i am a freelance artist and i have a deadline on FRIDAY!!! (for real money yes)

thanks and please help if you have the slightliest idea!

(i doubt its hardwarefail related but heres the stuff in my computer: asrock x58 extreme, 12gb of geil ram, a MSI gtx275, raptor300, samsung 1tb, ssd ocz vertex2, corsair psu 850)
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  1. If you can not reset BIOS then there is very little you can do. I take it that you have checked all your connections! Try the bread boarding method http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/forum/page-262730_13_0.html
  2. i forgot to add i only own a WIRELESS keyboard!.. i cant really tell if the bios is not responding or its just waiting for inputs it does not recieve
  3. Did you loosen up one of the memory modules? You could try booting with a single module.
  4. aha upgrade: i managed to access the bios by removing (and keepingn removed) the battery from the mobo.. i reset the bios... and now it asks:
    reboot and select proper boot device asrock
  5. Go into your boot device order and select the drive with the OS as first boot device.
  6. he he i was waiting to post that because i couldnt believe my eyes
    for some reason it is recognized by the bios (so its plugged and working) but i cant chose it as my boot device..
  7. You might have to do repair install of windows then. Not knowing your BIOS most of them allow you to arrange drives in what ever order you would like.
  8. yes i can arrange the boot order, and i did multiple times, its just it keeps "skipping" to the cdroom and asking for a cd... while i have a perfectly working OS on my SSD...
  9. okay, stuff seems to be working again.. an hard disk (i completely forgot about) was left unlinked and for some reason (i m not aware of) *** wouldnt work if that one was left out... computers really are a big roulette...
    thanks for the kind help any way!
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