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I need to access comand prompt on IBM ThinkPad t20 that will not boot up windows.can anyone help please. :(:(
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  1. put your Windows cd in, boot to it, and choose "recovery console". From there it will ask you what OS you want to boot to, and then it will ask for the admin passwd. And your in.
  2. I don't have a Windows cd, that's why I'm having this prob.I can fix it if I could get to my command prompt.
  3. You'll need a windows CD or IBMs recovery CD I'm afraid. There is no longer any DOS mode on Windows since Windows 98SE.

    What is the exact problem? We may be able to help further.
  4. try safe mode, hit F8 after the bios posts.
  5. I got my hands on a windows xp cd and prod key. I think they should put DOS on all boot menus but that's just my opinion.If this xp cd dont work, I'll try the F8 thing and let you know how it works untill thin thank for the help.
  6. surda said:
    try safe mode, hit F8 after the bios posts.

    Ok laptop up and running.Now I have to use my desktop screen with svga cable will not display on laptop screen and I dont know what the problem is, any thoughts on this.
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