AMD Phenom X6 1055T

I want to build a system with the AMD Phenom X6 1055T I was wondering if you could help me out on some configurations. Also I want to know what the best reasonable ram is for AMD


CPU: AMD Phenom X6 1055T
Ram: 4 Gb

I will use the system for gaming, including microsoft flight simulator. I want good gaming system but not over the top.

Price: $700.00

Preferred Vendor: Newegg

Not needed: Monitor or other peripherals

Any help is appreciated,

Thank you
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  1. I was trying to decide between a intel core i-5 750 and a AMD Phenom X6 1055T

    i went with the new. They are nearly the same price. What do you think that i should do???
  2. x6 is worse at gaming than an x4. Also, fill out the form in the sticky if you want build help. Link in my sig.
  3. Originally I was going to build a 6 core machine, but 6 cores weren't released yet.
    I went with a AMD quad core.

    Most games are only coded for a single core.
    Some are being coded for dual cores now, but it is overkill.

    The CPU is like a traffic cop, directing traffic.
    What effects the graphics performance most, will be the graphics card.
    Make sure to get a good graphics card. The ATI 5850, 5870 and 5770 are all popular choices right now.
  4. P.S.: 6 cores are way over the top. You could use an a dual core CPU even as long as your graphics card is good.
  5. Sad thing is you would naturally think 6 cores and an extra meg on L2 cache would be better over a quad but it's not the case. Go figure....

    Either way when the price drops low enough I'll probably buy one as well for my AM3 machine. But it's true most games don't touch more then 2 cores (sometimes the 4th core) so not worth spending the extra money now. Perhaps in a year or two it will be different.

    BTW It's not like you won't see good performance with the Phenom X6 but it's probably not worth the extra cost to you.
  6. kk , so what is the best Intel or AMD Processor for gaming under $210???
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    I would personally go with the PII 955, it's about equal to the I 5 750 in gaming, it may be somewhat behind in encoding, or encrypting. But for your normal stuff like internet word docs, music videos, neither of this chips are going to begin to sweat. So save money on the CPU and beef up that GPU
  8. Is it worth the extra money for the 965??
    Also how is the overclocking?
    And the cooling?
  9. the 955 is the exact same chip as the 965 and should have similar overclocking abilities you should be able to expect 3.8-4ghz. The PII usually run fairly cool in like the 50C-60C at full load
  10. So in theory couldn't i buy a like a 925 and overclock?
  11. I think the 955 is the lowest model with an unlocked multiplier while the 925 has a locked multiplier. Though I could be wrong
  12. the 955 is the lowest with an unlocked multiplier, you can tell if it's called a black edition indicated the unlocked multiplier

    Yes you could potentially overclock a 925 to potentially the same speeds as a 955. But the 955 is only $15 more has and unlocked multiplier and typically will be a higher binned product, so your more likely have to have more overclocking headroom
  13. ok
    Does anyone know how the 955 is with microsoft flight simulator?
  14. Well just looking at the date of it's realease, which is 2006 it's a somewhat dated game with a relatively high end modern cpu, so cpu wise it should be more then sufficient
  15. Thanks, I was looking to spend no more than $125 for an ATX mobo, any ideas? Here is what i was thinking
    Any comments???
  16. Maybe when ATI integrates GPUs and CPUs it matter to have more cores than 4, but right now all that matters is a higher clocked CPU. If you want a well rounded CPU for multi-tasking gaming and video encoding go with a AMD 955 BE. If all you need is a gaming CPU go with either a AMD Athlon II X4 635, or a Athlon II X3 Rana 3.0 ghz.
  17. so any ideas on 955 mobo for less than $125. (ATX)
  18. this gigabyte looks good, it's 125 after mail in rebate with sata 6GB/s and usb 3.0 with one pci-e running at x16 or two in x8

    if it need to be under 125 this look like the same motherboard minus the sata 6GB/s
  19. here's another gigiabyte with sata and usb 3.0 but only one pci-e 2 x16 lane if you don't want to crossfire
  20. I really think that the last mobo will fit my needs, I want to be able to game and have an all around good system with a low budget and this board allows me to do that!
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