My case only came with 2 standoffs... Bad?

My case only came with 2 standoffs. Is this a problem?
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  1. Yes, I wouldn't even think about installing a motherboard using only two stand-offs. You need to use all the ones available (which line up with the holes in your mobo of course) otherwise you can expect to have shorts etc against the back of the case. What case do you have? It's pretty poor that a case would only come with two standoffs. There may be some in the motherboard box if you're lucky though it's a shot in the dark.

    Luckily, standoffs aren't all that expensive to buy and you can grab a pack of 25 etc. so you always have a few spare for the future. I'd be dropping an e-mail to the case manufacturer though to express your disappointment.
  2. HEC 63RABB Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    I guess this is why it was on sale... There are various parts bent near the IO panel too.
  3. Yeah thats not good'd expect better. Have you thought about returning it? I know its a PITA, but it may be worth it if you're really not happy. Coolermaster offer some pretty good quality cases on a budget. These are about the same price range as the one you pointed to:
  4. I am kind of in a hurry to get up and running so I'm not sure if I want to return and re-order. I looked in my mom's old dell and noticed that the case was built similarly to mine in that it seems to have risers built into the case and does not use stand offs, so far as I can see. Here are some pictures.

    Its a little blurry, but you get the idea.
    The third "stand off"

    What do you think?

    Edit: The blurry picture is my current case. The "third" stand off I felt was out of place.
  5. Those "risers" are standoffs. If your case has them as well then your ok. You don't want the bottom of your motherboard touching the bottom the case. All those points on the motherboard will touch together and it will short out.
  6. A pic for the case you have shows several screws. Hard to tell if standoffs, but I'd definitely contact MFG. and Newegg and get them.
  7. So the "risers" built into the case will work as is? Why would they include the three brass stand offs with the case?
  8. For odd motherboards that need standoffs where the risers aren't. Its possible that you might want to install an mATX into that case. They can't put the risers for that form factor as they will short an ATX mobo. By including only two standoffs they don't have to supply as many (saving them cost.) and they can support mATX cases as well.
  9. Quote:
    Its possible that you might want to install an mATX into that case.

    Your just saying IF I wanted to install an mATX board I would need the risers, not that I should. Right?
  10. Correct. IF you were going to install a non ATX board into that case, you might need some standoff where there aren't any. If so they included a few normal one. Odds are that you have the raisers were a normal size ATX board would go.

    I don't want to say that your ok however. I haven't seen the inside of the case so I don't know where the risers/standoffs are. Put the board in there and manually inspect the board/case. If its solid with NO risers out of place then your ok.
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