ATI 5870 Catalyst 10.3 3D Support

So I asked a similar question a while back, but didn't have much luck. With Nvidia's 470/480 gtx out now, would it best to go with one of those for 3D videos and gaming? The only thing keeping me from getting the 5870 was the lack of 3D support from ATIs own drivers. They required you to get a driver from iZ3D. Does the newer 10.3 driver from ATI support 3D directly, meaning i would only have to get the glasses/monitor, or are you still required to get iZ3D's drivers?
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  1. Sorry if my bumping bothers anyone. This got pushed down 3/4s of the page.
  2. no one knows?
  3. Would love a response....i'd take anything fellas.
  4. hey..i was told by edimensional a 3d glasses/technology corp out of florida that they support both nvidia and ati and that both companies support 3d, just that nvidias is advertisied all over the box of some games..
    is it a fact that you need 3d driivers from iz3d to run 3d?

    according to that, they require iz3d middleware.
  6. Unfortunately this is such a niche thing that not many people have up to date knowledge of it. You may need to fire ati an e-mail about it to find out exactly what it is a bout.
  7. thank you stranger. do you know what the email address is? i'm following their site, but it seems i have to own a card and give info on it to get support.
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