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I-7 OC Genie W/ P55-GD80X, voltages too high?

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July 6, 2010 8:38:30 PM

Hello again! Back with another slight issue, before my i7-870 was getting at 99C on load? talk about a bad chipset haha

The OC Genie function on the P55-GD80Xtreme really intrigued me, i was never one for CPU clocking or MEM oc'ing but it was rather simple. As its known, press of a switch, turn the comp on and bam, its overclocked.
Heres where the problem comes into play

The above pictures are both at DEFAULT values, first picture is idle, second is under load.
So i guess as you can see, under load the voltage goes down a bit.
Now heres for the OC genie results

First picture is of idle results AFTER OC Genie, second is load results. Third pic is the memory overclock it did.
Again as you can see the CPU voltage drops under load, but running 1.4v at idle after apply OC Genie?
seems a bit off right? I also have HT off and Intel Turbo Boost off.

Is it normal for the voltage to get higher on idle then go down under load?
Cause i've seen some posts where people are getting around my speeds
with around the same voltage i have UNDER load with OC Genie (1.3V)

Is this anything i should be concerned about? and if theres a fix please help a brotha out.
My chip idling at 1.4v+ just seems insane.
Also have a CNPS9900 CPU cooler on it, temps arent really an issue.

If anyone will PLLEAASEE help me out, or explain to me what i have to do to get this :censored: in worrying outa my head.
NEW to CPU oc'ing, not so much with GPU. So please dont leave any tips or full steps out.
Thanks in advance guys+ ;-)) !!..Will be checking this thread very frequently.

My rig.
i7 870 Lynnfield
Kingston HyperX 8GB (4x2)
P55-GD80 Xtreme Edition
XFX Radeon 5870 (10.6 drivers)
CM Silent Pro 700watt PSU

Im also unable to tweak the BIOS voltage settings with OC Genie on.
And to be frank i'd rather have OC Genie on (hoping you guys think the voltages are ok)
or just disabling all of it, cause im really not for one tweaking vtt, core, ect.

Im hoping my trusty tomshardware will help, posted on the actual MSi forum, no help..posted on hardforum, no help.
my fellow tomharderers (sp) please help me out!

Thank you all so much in advance, i know these fkn noob forums dont actually care about helping people, when i need answers i come to TH :D 

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July 7, 2010 12:29:25 AM

bump, anyone please?