I am looking for a way to do 3yefinity without bezels. So, I am thinking about using 3 Projectors. Did any1 has such config and pics? I think that should solve the bezel problem.

Now, Imagine having a projector for each wall ... :sol:

I just want to know how that would look before purchasing anything.
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    An old tech demo displaying eyefinity before the card was even released.
  2. I've mentioned this idea before, should be great. Wall space will be a problem. You still have the DP problem as well, unless that connection is common on projectors.
  3. Isnt thé expensive adaptor for dual-link dvi 2560x1600?
  4. Not that I know of. In theory you need the active one for all resolutions. Check HardOCP however. I know they had a thread going about using the cheaper passive adapters that would work. Something was mentioned that there were cases where the passive ones would work, but AMD couldn't guarantee it. Its a lot easier to say "active adapter is needed", and not "you can use a passive adapter in these cases".
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