Raid0 array no longer working after windows crash

Hello, while I was gaming yesterday, my PC unexpectedly shutdown (wasn't a BSOD). After restarting my PC, I noticed it was working on installing drivers for all my hard drives. It is very odd because I know all my drivers were up to date. But after that I noticed that my raid0 array was no longer showing up. The setup of the raid is 2 sata2 ssd 30gb. In my raid manager during start up, 1 shows up as a non-raid disk, as the other is member or non-member disk (cant remember which of the 2).

How do I fix this? And what the heck caused this to happen? I wasn't even using the SSDs at the moment of the crash
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  1. Sounds like a drive failure to me, hope you got your data backed up somewhere since that thing sounds toast. SSD's fail quicker than HDD's do sometimes.
  2. Is there any way for me to check for this before I throw in the towel?

    Thanks for the help btw!
  3. Disconnect all drives, clear the CMOS on your motherboard, reconnect your drives.
    If you still have a non-RAID disk, the disk is probably dead.
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