5770 running EXTEMELY slow with Bad Company 2

Hi guys. Well yesterday I picked up my brand new 5770 Vapor X card. I installed it, no problems. Got in Bad company 2 and it was fine, had great frame rates and ran perfectly disregarding slightly longer map load times. But after a few hours of gaming I got off the game fro a bit and came back a bit later. When I tried to launch the game, the movie intro was lagging a lot, and then the menu was lagging a TONNE. (was gettnig like 17 FPS just browsing the menu). Getting into a game would give me less than 10 FPS if the 3-4 minute map load time wasn't enough....
Yes, I have the most up-to-date drivers (10.3b). Any help? Should I take it back to the shop?
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  1. Are any of your other games also behaving poorly?
    Have you checked CCC for clock settings and temp readings?
    Was your PC running a virus scan or defragmenting at the time you attempted to play again?
    Is there any chance that BF:BC2 was already actively running in the background? There have been issues with the game client not actually closing when exiting the game.
  2. Yes, I have checked for all of these. I've also tried restarting, closing all unnecessary programs (including all anti viruses/spywares), and then running the game and still get the same problem.
  3. And your other games all work fine still?
  4. Something you can try is to force the Direct X mode by editing BFBC2's settings.ini file. Go to your Documents folder, open the BFBC2 folder, find settings.ini, right-click it and select Edit. 4 lines up from the bottom you should see "DxVersion=auto" which you can change to 9, 10, or 11 to force the game into those Direct X versions. Direct X 9 mode greatly reduces loading times in that game on ATI cards.
  5. No, games like Modern Warfare 2 also lag like crazy.
  6. Have you checked your temperatures etc? it seems like something is throttleing down or similar.
  7. Well crap...
    Have you tried uninstalling the drivers and reinstalling them?
    Powering down, removing and reinstalling the card, making sure the PCIe power cable is securely fastened?
    What kind of card did this one replace, and what's your PSU's 12V Amp rating?
  8. I've tried reinstalling the drivers. The PCI cable is securely fastened (I just checked), and I forgot the 12v amp rating, but I can assure you that the problem does not rest in my PSU (I have a 700w, very good PSU).
  9. Only other things I can think of trying would be dropping it into another PCIe slot (even if it's an x4 slot) and trying it with a different PCIe power cable. If that doesn't change anything, then I'd say something's physically wrong with the card and you should return it.
  10. I really wanna make sure it's not a driver compatibility issue or something first before taking it back. I live in the country side and it's a 1+ hour drive to return it :(
  11. Was your previous card Nvidia and have you completely cleaned the last drivers used off your system?
  12. I COMPLETELY cleaned all the drivers (yes it was NVIDIA). Used two different driver sweep/clean softwares.
  13. Bump. Help would be greatly appreciated :(
  14. Any luck getting it to work, or did you get a replacement card, iamvoodoo? I would have asked sooner but I was, ahem, "temporarily restrained" from doing so. ;)
  15. Still couldn't gt it to work. I can't get a replacement card till tuesday anyway because of easter weekend :'(
  16. I was going through teh BIOS to make sure everything is ok, and I noticed that my idle CPU temp was 68C (I'm using a really bad cooler while I wait for my new cooler to come in). could this be attributed to the extreme lag in-game?
  17. I switched out my CPU and CPU cooler for an identical one in my other computer (difference was the other had more thermal paste), and now my system is running flawlessly. Thanks to everybody who spent time reading and trying to help:)
  18. LOL. Wasn't even card-related. Hopefully that CPU isn't damaged...

    Game on!
  19. Haha, yeah. Good thing is that I had a completely spare CPU ( was an E6300) from my previous computer that I dismantled, so even if it is damaged I don't need it :)
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