Hd 5770 constant crashing

crashes constantly. xfx hd 5770 @ 850/1200. the temps have not exceeded 59 degrees Celsius. the maximum gpu usage was about 78%. could this be a bad card?
as for the cpu: phenom 2 x4 955 @ 3.2ghz. maximum cpu temps never exceeded 41 degrees Celsius. I highly doubt this is the case

Motherboard: Asus Crosshair Formula III
RAM: ocz ddr3-1600 4gb black edition
CPU cooler: zalman CNPS9900
PSU: corsair 850tx. I suspect I may have a bad PSU. Sudden freezing and crashing. bsods. poor graphical performance. do you guys feel this is the case?

I've left the entire configuration on default settings. No overclocking, voltage tweaks, etc.
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  1. Uninstall all the ATI drivers from control panel/add remove programs, run driver sweeper to get rid of all that's ATI driver in your PC and try some different drivers from the ATI or XFX site.
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    " crashes constantly " when does your PC crash ? Playing games ? when your PC is idling ?

    " maximum gpu usage was about 78% " when was it about 78% ? Playing games ?

    Can you run memtest86+ just to see if your RAM sticks are bad and HDD diagnostics to see if you have bad sectors ?

    What OS are you on ?

    What version CCC do you have installed ? If you switched from CCC 9.xx to 10.xx, please be advised that there are driver module changes between versions. Therefore, proper uninstall and re-install is a good idea. Do what mosox said above.

    Please check if your PSU is of specification v.2.2.

    Hope the above helps.

  3. did the entire sweeper thing 3 times.
    win 7 64 bit.
    went from ccc 9.1.2 i believe.
    load was during gameplay (dragon age origins) pc only crashes during gameplay, which includes flash games.
    will run memtest tonight
  4. very possibly a driver issue. Make sure you've tried all the latest drivers including 10.2 and 10.3, possibly the 10.3a version.
  5. after 5 passes of memtest 86+ the result came up with 232 errors. Wow. Any suggestions? I'm running another pass right now. Since my settings are all factory, should I simply assume I was paired up with some bad RAM?
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  7. You should compare RAM voltages, timings and other settings to those set in BIOS, either auto or manual. If you see any differenses, you should make corrections before you attempt to buy new RAM sticks.

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