Cant connect to a WRT54g

Im having trouble connecting to a this router on the address as it should be. Reset wont work either. Thing is based on the router it is i have a sneaking suspicion that the owner has installed the linux DD-WRT on it or whatever its called.

The router lights looks like this:

[Power]---[DMZ]---[WLAN]-[eth1 eth2 eth3 eth4]-[Internet]

When i power it on the Power light goes on and then ethernet 1 will come on. Then after blinking 3 a few times lights 1,2,3,4 and the internet will blink on then off and proceed to do that over and over.

Anyone know what this means? I looked around the linksys sight but cant find anything to suggest its a error code or anything so hoping someone else has come across this.
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  1. What’s the make/model of router? It's possible that make/model doesn't even support dd-wrt, so that would be a first clue as to whether that's even a possibility.

    Also, is this your router? Did you buy if from a friend or off eBay? I'm just curious since dd-wrt would not even be a possible if someone hadn't owned it previously. And in that case, why you don't ask them?

    Most routers can be reset to factory defaults by a hard reset. It's usually a very small recessed button that you hold for 30 secs or so and release (while powered ON of course). That may allow you to get back in to the administration page.
  2. Wasn't my router, no.

    I tried the factory reset with no avail before i posted on here. About four times i think, then today while i was bored i plugged it in again, and it worked. ONLY thing that changed was i used a spare power cord i had so i dint have to unplug my internet, also i didn't have the phone line-to-router cable plugged in (which you don't need if all you want to see is the router web interface obviously).

    When i plugged it in i notice that the lights weren't flashing like they were yesterday so not sure what changed between now and then.
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