Cannot open my netbook case

I have a really embarrassing question. I have a gateway lt2702h netbook and cannot find a way to open the panel to get at the ram in order to install new RAM.

The bottom of the netbook there is just one large panel (90% of the casing). There are no screws holding the panel in. There are 5 screws on the outside of the panel but these appear to not be for the panel.

How do I open it up?

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  1. Ya I had found that as well, but I have their netbook (lt2702h) and this help file is for a desktop pc. Thanks for looking though.

    I went to contact them and they say beside the phone number that they would charge me $299 per hour to help me. I only paid $230 for the computer!
  2. omg!!
    from where did you buy it?
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