Gts 250 vs 8800gtx

is eny diference betwen gts 250 an 8800gtx?....pls help(sorry for my bad engish)
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  1. GTS 250 performs like a 9800GTX and a 9800GTX performs like a 8800GTX(a little faster in some titles),so overall a GTS 250 would be faster than a 8800GTX but its not noticeable
  2. It will be only a little faster, GTS250 is built on the G92 chip the same used in 8800GT/GTS 512/9800GTX/GTX+. 9800GTX/GTX+ have higher clocks for core/mem/shaders and cause that they are only marginally faster than 8800GTS 512MB and 8800GTX (GTX is G80).
    G92 is only a die shrink of the G80, from 80nm to 65nm and then to 55nm ( in 9800GTX+ and GTS250 ) and has 16 disabled cores in 8800GT

    If you're looking to upgrade from your 8800 to a gts250, it will be worthless. Better spend the money on something like HD5850 or GTX470 (GTX470 still isn't available, but you can preorder)
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