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Hi guys!! i have a problem with my motherboard EMX-NF7050HD-PRO. last time when i use it it running fine there's nothing problem but when i turn of the AVR to reformat it, there is nothing appear in my Monitor except "No Signal", ill check my board then i turn it On i see green light and "C1" at the back of my CPU near to the Video port,what those it means... pls help thnx f0r replies...
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  1. Check your motherboard's manual for what the C1 error is, though I believe that's your RAM. Some people with similar issues fixed it by unplugging their computer and reseting CMOS which is done via small jumper on your motherboard (again check your manual). Another said he solved the issue by unplugging the computer and removing the motherboard battery for 5 minutes, then popped it back in and all ran okay.

    If your C1 error is to do with your RAM, I suggest taking out all sticks of RAM and trying them one at a time (just in the first RAM port) and then seeing if you have a faulty stick.

    What RAM do you have? How many sticks?
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