Eyefinity/Active Adapter Problem, Help!

I have a Dell Studio XPS 9000 equipped with a Radeon 5870 1gb and also made sure to get three of these ST2410 monitors--> http://accessories.us.dell.com/sna/products/Displays/productdetail.aspx?c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&sku=320-1070&~ck=bn&~bk=gr:CategoryRec,g:NextStep,rk:

so I could use the Eyefinity function--this was before I realized (like for many) that I needed a Displayport monitor of course. So to fix I bought this active adapter from Dell based on a lot of people's recommendation-->

The problem I'm having now is that as soon as I plug in this adapter it makes the monitor its hooked up to start blinking at random (every 5sec or 15sec est.) & the only time it doesn't is when I have it in Eyefinity-mode at the LOWEST possible resolution like 2400x1800, anything higher and it blinks. So basically Eyefinity works but not w/o making whatever monitor its hooked up to blink every five secs lol ugh. Anyone else have/had this problem? Should I switch to a passive VGA/DP adapter maybe? Read that a couple brands of that have worked for others but every forum is telling me something different! Ahh the blinking!!! >_<
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  1. Your dell links don't work. Could you post the model number of the Displayport adapter? Is it the Bizlink adapter? DP to VGA or DP to DVI etc.?
  2. Sry! Yes its the Bizlink DisplayPort to Dual Link DVI Adapter from Dell ($99) Model BZL-KS 10008(B) and the monitors are ST2410, the ones going for like $189 on Dell's site right now.
  3. I have the same adapter and I am afraid to say I've got the same problem at the moment. I've gotten no response from dell. I *do* hear the new ATI Drivers improve this, but I've yet to test it. I intend to test this very soon as I am getting my hands on another dell 3007WFP. I hope some one else has a solution.
  4. I'm picking up two more monitors on Monday; there was a problem with UPS. I'll let you know how the Bizlink Adapter works because I have the same one.
  5. would love to know if anyone has gotten this sorted yet, i to got the dell adaptor yesterday and have the same problem with the screen flickering all the time.
  6. Im having the same issue at my shop - tried ~5 different 5770's (gigabyte, sapphire), a 5850 etc, ~4 different rigs, ~4 active display port to dvi adaptors, HP pasive display port to vga adaptors, 2 different sets of monitors (samsung, LG's), different combinations (dvi/hdmi/vga), different cables, tried updating motherboard bios's, windows reinstalls, custom drivers etc, custom bios's for the video cards etc - no luck at all

    I still get flickering atleast on the displayport converted monitor etc with no luck

    Any suggestions about this issue would be good
  7. Hello everyone, has there been any more news on this matter? I am in the exact same boat unfortunatly, and its driving me insane very fast!! Any replies would be much appreciated.
  8. I am having the same issue but there is a fix, you have to lower the resolution on the monitor with the display port adapter..My monitor is currently running perfectly at 1440 by 900 nut it will not run past that. It does suck because it defeats the whole purpose of having three monitors when 2 of them are set nice and high res and this one has to be set lower..

    I have the 5770 and the Bizlink, $99 Display Port adapter and I have been unable to get it working. I tried everything including shorter cables, powered usb ports, different monitors and I have even tried using some older video card drivers..

    I have heard of some people having luck changing the bios in the video card but I could not find an updated bios for the 5770.

    I have been thinking about buying another 5770 and using a cross fire set up. I just have no idea how to fix this.


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  9. I have the same problem.

    I tried the suggestions on AMDs site for fixes except BIOS update. IF I brick my cards, is Sapphire going to RMA them?

    I have tried powered USB connector for DP adapter. It helped but not much.

    Any driver after Cat 10.3 seemed to have the problem.

    So I am stuck with using 10.3.

    A DP adapter with updated firmware was also supposed to fix the problem. How do you update firmware on a DP adapter?

    Ironically, keeping 2D clocks @ 157/300 seemed to be MORE stable. Coincidence?

    There is a suggestion that a DVI>VGA connection fixes the problem, but using an analog signal defeats the purpose of this tech.

    Here are a couple of links I have keeping tabs on:



    This tech is disappointing. I ordered a $100 adapter + $120 shipping (certified by AMD) and it refuses to work.

    If the adapter works with pre Cat 10.3 drivers, then it would suggest a driver issue. NOT a DP adapter issue.

    There seems to be so many variables, it's becoming laughable. Why do end users have to do AMD's dirty work to get things working?

    NVIDIA seems to have a working solution without the need for dongles/adapters AND has good SLI performance.
  10. I currently have my monitors set up so I have 3 separate displays if that makes sense. I am thinking that it may function better if we try creating a "group" instead. Are people with this problem using the group setting or the individual set up?

    Also, if anyone has used the group setting, could you tell me what the resolution is supposed to be for three monitors running 1680 by 1050 for instance? Do I just multiply this by three and use that or what? I have no idea but so far my attempts have failed at using the group feature.

    FYI-The Powered Display Port adapter works stable if you lower the resolution.


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  11. Quote:
    Do I just multiply this by three and use that or what?

    The Powered Display Port adapter works stable if you lower the resolution.

    I noticed that too. However, it defeats the purpose of having 3 2560x1600 res monitors when the next res is 5200x1050.

    It was more stable at this res, but it did occur less frequently.

    The strange thing is that using Cat 10.3, I could run a 7980x1600 res with NO blinking issues.
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