Hello my name is Peter and I have a bit of a problem..... I built a computer about 3months ago with the i7 920. On idle im about 32c and on ANY real load (lets say playing the new sniper ghost warrior game) I start around 50c then it become WAY to hot around 80+ in just about 5-10min, then I shut the game down because its getting too hot..... I have know idea what going wrong, and maybe anyone could help me!! Please!!


desktop specs

Intel 17 920 (NOT Over clocked)
P6t mobo
12gb Tri ram
Ati 5850
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  1. get an aftermarket cooler, pref with heatpipes and a 120mm fan
  2. What case are you using?
    Even with the stock intel heat sink cooler it's running hotter than it should.
    Have you checked to make sure the cooler is fully seated into the socket?
    You can look at the bottom of the mother board and you should see all four pegs with equal length showing.
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