[SOLVED] HP Pavilion a6667c boots to HP Welcome screen and freezes

I have a friend's HP Pavilion a6667c. It boots to the "HP Welcome" screen (which displays the PF keys you can hit for configuration or you hit ESC to continue the boot).

No matter what key I hit it just freezes on this screen.

I thought maybe it was a keyboard issue, but I tried another keyboard I knew was good. Also I tried a USB connected keyboard, in case the old PC connector for the keyboard was bad. No luck.

Does this mean it is very likely that the motherboard or its bios is bad?

If everyone says "yes", I'm going to buy a mb replacement. It is the ASUS IPIBL-LB (Benicia) mb which goes for pretty cheap these days.

Thank you for your feedback.
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  1. I un-plugged every plug and connector from the motherboard and found I was able to get into the BIOS Diagnostics.

    Then I re-plugged each cable back to the mb, one at a time, and entered the Diagnostics after each to test.

    I found that the disk drive was causing the problem. Took out and replace the disk, and all works fine now.
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