Windows cannot read partition


I booted my computer with Partition Magic boot disk. It suggested a repair and I did and installed a fresh Windows 7
Now windows does not show one of my partitions in My Computer :o

I tried to repair this partition with Acronis Disk Director and EASEUS Partition Master but they did not show any errors !

I can see file names with browse files but cannot assign a drive letter to this partition !

How can I fix this partition ?
This is a snapshot of Easeus :

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  1. I have an Hitachi drive on another system that done the same thing same 100Mb partition, I tried everything and can't get it to delete or anything except a small shrink. But windows did finally apply a drive letter to it so I just live with it. It'll be interesting what you find out so I will watch for any answers you get.
  2. Hi Truckinupga,

    This 100 mb partition is System Reserved partition and you won't be able to use/delete/format that.
  3. I installed R-Studio and these logs appears :

    ST9640320AS0002SDM1: Partition table at 840660992 sector and Partition at 409600000 sector overlap

    ST9640320AS0002SDM1: Partition at 840661000 sector and Partition at 409600000 sector overlap

    How can I fix these errors ?
  4. Wonderful - Good to know your issue is resolved!
    We all learn everyday!! :-)
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