XFX 5770 connecte with HDMI to HDTV issues

I just built my self a new PC, and having been away from the Windows side of things for years now, i would have thought this would have been a lot less painless than this.

So my problem is, i have a XFX 5770 hooked up to a MSI P55-CD53 Motherboard. And i have a Samsung 46" LCD that i want to hook it up to.

But i can't seem to get it to output picture via the HDMI port. Right now i have it hooked up via PCI to VGA. This way i do get a picture, but i want it to be digital not damn analog.

I have connected the HDMI cable from the card to the HDTV and when i search for displays in Catalyst Control Centre and it does find a second display and it sees it as a HDTV.

But it seems that even when i think i have set it up properly, it doesn't show up on the HDMI channel only a black screen where it says "no signal"

So im quite lost here, maybe i am configuring wrong, and maybe i need a second display to get this to work properly, i have no clue.

And i have read countless topics and i can't seem to find a solution. So i hope some of you clever people here can help me.
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  1. Do you mean DVI-to-VGA by PCI to VGA ?

    Okay. Disconnect the DVI-to-VGA cable from either the PC or from monitor ( for just test purposes ). Please follow the instructions in the order they are written.

    Then, when PC is off, connect PC to TV via HDMI cable.

    Turn on TV and set TV to HDMI port thru which your PC is connected.

    Turn on the PC.

    You must see BIOS post screen and then Windows desktop. ( If you do not see anything on TV, first check proper seating of cable heads and still no picture, then suspect a defective cable or HDMI port on gfx card. )

    This only conveys the video. Now you must open sound card properties in Control Panel and set HDMI as the default sound source. Now you can hear sound thru TV speakers.

    By the way, please install the latest CCC 10.3 gfx card drivers from AMD.

    Hope this helps.

  2. My driver is 10.3. I just tried doing what you wrote, and tho the TV picks up the HDMI channel when i turn on the PC, there is still no signal coming through it.

    I only need video to run through the cable not audio.
  3. Update: i went and tried hooking up the second HDTV we have in the house up as a second display. But even if i plug the HDMI cable into the other TV, its like the card wants to be outputted to the same screen the DVI-VGA cable is plugged into.

    So it registers the two screens both as #1. Windows gives the plugged out and plugged i sound, and the main display that uses the DVI-VGA connection flickers up and sets the resolution and then comes back, i have no clue why it won't see the other screen as #2.

    So i guess i have a faulty HDMI port on the card. Fantastic its like being back in the 90's hurray...
  4. Did you not remove the DVI-VGA cable from the PC/monitor when you made the HDMI connection to TV ? This is necessary to see if HDMI is working.

    Can you connect your PC to TV with an DVI-HDMI converter cable ?

  5. Some how it seems to work now, but only on my 4th HDMI port on the TV. But i get some weird interference on the screen, like small lines of flickering, they are not there all the time. But once in a while they are present and some times it cuts off the signal completely.

    Sadly i have no DVI-HDMI converter i wish i did, that way i would know if there where any issues with the damn HDMI output on the card.
  6. ATI HD5xxx series cards come with preset speed settings such as idle ( 2D ) speed, full speed ( 3D ), etc.. The idle speed is set by the manufacturer too low ( core speed 157 MHz and memory speed 300 MHz ) and it creates problems for some systems, such as mine. You should increase idle speed because it is not enough to maintain stability and the phenomenon that you described occurs. Idle speed is increased by going to CCC OverDrive section and creating a Profile. The procedure is rather long. But you can find it here in this forum. I remember I had given it about two months ago. You can also visit ATI forums.

    My system: Intel i7-860/Asus P7P55D/Sapphire HD5770/Kingston DDR3-1333 8 GB/Antec 650 W/

  7. Hi, i was reading this post and you seem to understand the HDMI problem. I just built a system and the VGA and DVI work great, but when I plug in the HDMI all I get is a strange pixelated screen. All drivers are current and tried all configurations. No response from Acer as yet. BTW, the system works like a charm.

    Thanks, a frustrated builder (ussbowfin@yahoo.com)

    Intel Core i5-750
    G.SKILL Ripjaws 4GB DDR3 1600
    SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 5770 1GB 128-bit GDDR5
    Antec Three Hundred Illusion
    Antec EarthWatts EA650 650W
    Seagate Barracuda 160GB
    Sony Optiarc 24X DVD/CD
    Acer P235Hbmid 23\" Widescreen LCD
  8. What version ATI CCC are you on ? Are you trying to connect to Acer monitor using both DVI and HDMI cables at the same time or do you remove DVI cable before you plug in HDMI cable ? Please just plug in HDMI cable and try to adjust HDMI monitor in Display Properties of CCC, resolution, color, etc.. If you have another HDMI cable, I also suggest you try that as well.

  9. I actually have the identical problem as duke skywalker. I have the exact same graphics card and Acer monitor. As he said, DVI works fine (its what ive been using for a month now), but the HDMI connection does not. It gives me a very weird colored pixelated screen. I know its not the monitors HDMI connection, because I was able to hook up my Toshiba laptop via HDMI to this same monitor flawlessly.

    Please someone help! It appears its a problem with that particular Acer monitor, since others use this cards HDMI port with no problem.

    You can email me any solutions as well at ntp2004@yahoo.com

    Thank you,

  10. Hi Guys, I think it is a problem with the drivers. It appears that Acer's drivers were made for Vista 32-bit, so I think we have to hope that they come out with new ones for the Win 7 64-bit OS. BTW, I am using the Catalyst Suite 10.3 version and only using the one cable (DVI or HDMI) at a time. Also, in device manager under monitor it still lists it a generic plug n play device, go figure! All drivers and software are current.

  11. I have this card and had a related issue and question.

    First off i have studio xps 8000 with a 650 cors power supply, win 7 64-bit os, 6GB of ram.

    When I attach the gfx card to my 24" widescreen lcd I get a 1" black border around the outside of the monitor. Using 10.3 drivers and ccc. I hear there is a scaling feature in ccc but i cannot find it. When I connect to DVI it works great. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

    Other question. I have a 42" sharp aquos - LC-42D65UT that I wanted to hook the pc up to. Now I actually havent tried to hook it up, reading the manual I see pc compatibility chart with supported resolutions.... Highest being 1600X1200.. Does this mean I wont be able to take advantage of playing games in a widescreen format. I do see a wxga (1360x768) which i am sure probably wont look so hot... There are also set H and V frequency accepted, would i have to set these somewhere? Dont want to screw up the TV just messing around.

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