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Hello, I have ATI Radeon
4800 video card. When playing games Catalyst Control center shows very high video card activity 90% and up. Should I be concerned? Also if I don't enable manual fan control, then the fan speed is 0% , but they are still active. Is it normal? I ask because my computer automatically shut down two times, when I was playing games and the event viewer said ''System shutdown due to graphics card overheating''. Any help appreciated.
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  1. Your video card activity should be very high, 100% ideally when you are in a game, you want it to put out the highest FPS possible.

    You can use Furmark to stress your GPU and watch its temperature, it shouldnt get to 90C. if its getting to hot on the automatic fan control you should set it manually, 60-70% should be fine, also blow the dust out of its heatsink
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